In 2017 the carrot that was Carmen Boulter dangled in front of me as I sat on a lawn chair in 2′ of snow watching my gutted house being renovated by my son. It was not the time to go on a trip however it was the time to experience Egypt with Carmen. She introduced me to an overwhelming amount of information while telling us to just imprint it all and integrate it later.

I have spoken about the dramas Carmen seemed to attract while also focusing on her work. She had been creating, writing and producing another epic documentary this time on Atlantis with footage from around the world. While immersed in editing the HD footage herself she was still being interviewed and hosting tours to Egypt and beyond at least twice a year. My friends who were not aware of her fell in love with this inspiring being as she was a powerful example of someone who just does it!

Carmen and I connected immediately on that trip and that connection continued for years after. We had some long intense phone conversations until she passed away, me in my 100 yr old farmhouse and she in her glamorous condo in Malaga Spain. Inevitably we would get into the many dramas that continued to plague her and my lack of them because of my hibernation.

As I was writing the manuscript for Drama Trauma and Karma I asked her if she thought something was trying to stop her by creating all these dramas. After a short silence she said yes. Again she asked me to go back to Egypt with her as many of her legion of friends and fans did. Enjoying my retirement in the country and my long held desire to write books on my 50 years of metaphysical training, I kept declining.

Seven years to the day I was sitting in front of the wood stove when another carrot, even bigger and more intense, was dangling between me and the fire. This time it was going to Egypt with Sean Bond of Psionic League who I have been studying with for the last 6 years. His unpacking and confirmations of how I handled that first 20 years of dramas is sprinkled throughout my book. Once I heard what he was going to teach us, on this spiritual science intensive training journey, the emotional roller coaster between financial fear and exhilarating anticipation of being with Sean for 2 weeks began. He told me the first trip had built the foundation for this trip and that my many past lives in Egypt and the skills and abilities I earned were now ready to unfold.

Drama is the first word in the title of my 1st book. For 7 years I have been detailing the dramas I worked with during the 70s and 80s and how I healed the traumas that were unfolding within them. These dramas were co-created by me and agreed to, among the other players involved, as part of our pre-birth contracts.

Writing my spiritual memoir revealed so many elements of my dramas previously hidden from me that the purpose of the experiences kept expanding, revealing deeper causes for their creation. When asking Sean about the dramas that seemed to follow Carmen on that tour he briefly commented with an explanation that I had not even considered.

“I will be teaching a practice on how to dance around drama, transmuting and resolving the drama demons so we can overcome them. When we are interacting with other’s bubbles of reality, like in tourist areas, there are things the matrix will try to send to us through Agent Smiths so we transmute their energy with love … it’s a nice little practice we can use in everyday life”

Sean Bond – Psionic League

This form of drama incursion is different than the ones we self-generate. If I was aware of this simple ability to transmute other peoples dramas that were trying to engage me, I could have shared that with Carmen. We could have Practiced it together as Practicing Elders, that would have been awesome. The synchronicities between us that I describe in my book proves to me that we have known each other for eons. Oh my, more God bumps! I know she is happy that I’m finally going back and will be with me as she is right now.

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