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It didn’t take long for Sean Bond, my Spiritual Science teacher, to break though my programming and invite me to join him on his Humanity Upgrade to Superhuman Love tour of Egypt. In the middle of this new publishing business and everything that it entails, also an empty well all winter which usually fills up by now but hasn’t, going back to Egypt was the last thing I wanted to do.

In one moment I was exhilarated and could hardly contain my excitement. In the next I was literally in shock, frozen with financial fear. The thought of another international red eye flight with my fellow sardines turned my stomach. However I kept hearing “you have to go back to your beginnings, our beginnings”. As I looked around at what I was hanging on to vs a chance to go to metaphysical university with Sean I quickly starting preparing in earnest. And then the game of interference chess move whack-a-mole began starting with the ban on Canadians getting their Egypt visa at the Cairo airport for $25 US. All Canadians have to go to the Egypt Embassy in Ottawa personally to apply then back to pick it up, no matter where they live.

As I completed this post and the newsletter promoting it I was about to publish when my blog disappeared and all the newsletter subscribe codes fell apart. 3 days of assorted tech guys and gals worked on it and so did I with focused intent, and Sean’s voice in my head “don’t let them stop you”. At one point I left it all up to Source and went back to packing. A couple of hours ago it all came back on just like that! Everything is working better and faster than before because the interference was cleared out.

Now, where was I …

Edgar Cayce was the being who put me on this path when I was 17 while in the midst of my most traumatic experience in this lifetime. For the last 2 weeks I have been revisiting his work, specifically the Atlantis/Egypt readings of which there are many.

THE LAW OF LOVE is Cause & Effect. As you Sow shall you Reap as each thought has it’s seed, if planted, brings it’s own fruit.” – Edgar Cayce

Most of you are aware that humanity is currently in a similar place spiritually as we were when we fled Atlantis. Caught up in the sensory attachments we have become accustomed to with that voice trying to nudge us back to the way we were. In the beginning, those that were of the light tried to work and live with the materialism of the dark forces but we kept getting pulled further in and away from our true high frequency unlimited nature. Some of us light beings today have extremely dark versions from that time and are here now to reverse the damage we caused.

We know now that the Pyramids and Temples in Egypt were never actual tombs but a place¬†where initiates were educated on the death and rebirth process as well as healing, energy transference etc… As we progressed in our training we levelled up in our Soul Evolution. (This is the basis of my 3rd book). During my Magic Egypt Tour with Carmen Boulter in 2017, I was overwhelmed energetically and not consciously aware of all that I was experiencing. Sean said that trip was my foundation. However, there were a few magical moments that did register consciously. While meditating in the King’s Chamber, I suddenly opened my eyes and looked up. The ceiling was gone, all I could see were constellations. The second I laid down in the Sarcophagus I blacked out.

Note: I had a similar experience in a sacred rock lodge during my 20 year apprenticeship with a Cherokee Elder. It was pitch black and we could not of course open our eyes for the smoke. But, something prompted me to open my eyes and and the lodge was lit up with a brilliant light. One of the 4 grandmothers/elders sitting in the 4 directions was reaching her arms out over the ground trying to find the water pail for the next round of prayers. I got up, crouched down I moved toward her. handing her the bucket I then went back to my spot sat down and closed my eyes. The next time I opened them it was pitch black again. I left feeling something happened but dismissed it. Later in the circle Grandmother said she put a request to assist to everyone in the lodge but I was the only who heard her. (My experiences on that experiential path are the basis of my 2nd book Practicing Elder).

I believe now that the purpose of this intensive with Sean is to follow in the footsteps of those who went before, including our own selves! According to Cayce, Egypt was where we went to get healed from the Atlantean trauma. The Christed man called Jesus taught the soul evolution process there.

HOME IS THE REAL ADVENTURE. When the Master taught there His presence created the perfect HOME after the awakening – Edgar Cayce.

I won’t be posting again until after I return in April. In the meantime here is a concise interview with John VanAuken of ARE on YouTube talking about what I have shared above. There is also a follow up interview later on that also packs a punch.

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