Integrating All My Egyptian Selves

Day 1 – Walking Giza Plateau with our Tour Guides Sayed and Said
Sean and Yssah preparing us for Menkaure Pyramid

I’ve been back from Egypt for 2 weeks. All the things Sean Bond stated would happen for me, when strongly encouraging me to go on this trip, unfolded in quick succession. Weighed down with the past lives and other versions of myself that I was integrating as we moved through the temples showed me just how out of shape I was physically. The energetic activity happening within me was overwhelming. Keeping our bodies healthy and strong for the day we really start integrating the higher frequencies was something I heard from many of my teachers over decades. Wish I had stuck to it!

I’m not even going to try to describe the mystical experiences that occurred to me daily. This was an intensive training adventure and I was very happy to have Sean readily available to explain what was happening to me. It may be scary for some but for me it was absolutely exhilarating… well after I recuperated in my beautiful room and balcony with the awesome staff spoiling me.

The balcony of my room

Sean was always teaching which is why I couldn’t turn down this opportunity. Either while walking or on a bus he kept the training up. Pointing out where to stand and receive the teachings on the temple walls. he kept us moving and absorbing. However, the best schoolroom was while traveling the Nile as we recuperated in between visits on our beloved private Dahabiya, which I highly recommend. We were well taken care of.

Sean Bond Egypt Tour 2024

To say I came back a different person is a true understatement. This was definitely life changing as Sean promised. The changes that are occurring are so internally exciting they are fuelling the next stage of my journey. Currently my annual parasite cleanse, Intermittent Fasting 20/4 and working out daily is stemming from an inner motivation I cannot explain. My path is opening up in a glorious way and I have to up my game.

I’m working on it!

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