Reincarnation & Forbidden Love in Abydos

“Sety found one excuse after another to delay his departure from Abydos, and all the while Bentreshyt would meet him in the garden after dark. And here they “ate the uncooked goose” – the ancient Egyptian term for “eating of the forbidden tree.”

Dr. Carmen Boulter – Magic Egypt Tour 2017

The Temple of Sety I, Abydos 2017

In 2017, while on the bus to Abydos, a member of our group shared the story of the English woman Dorothy Eady. Omm Sety, had past life recollections as a Priestess of Isis in the Temple of Sety I. Her extraordinary story affected me then and again a couple of weeks ago when I was there in March on Sean Bond‘s Tour.

“That was the last night that we ever made love together, and it was the sweetest. He has slept beside me many times since then and we have embraced and kissed, but nothing more because now the Temple lies between us like a drawn sword.”

Exiting the temple and walking through the lower courtyard , a boy came up to me with a copy of the book The Search for Omm Sety. After purchasing it I made my way to the bus where we waited for our takeout dinner from the local restaurant. No one realized the significance of that restaurant.

Sean Bond & Yssah Arz Lib – Super Human Love Tour 2024

A couple of weeks ago, seven years later, again on the tour bus to Abydos, I shared Omm Sety’s story with Sean. After we left our group’s private time in the Osirion, we walked through the same lower courtyard on our way to a restaurant for dinner. Upon entering the Flower of Life Guesthouse I saw a display of artifacts for sale. There front and centre was the Omm Sety book I owned (Here’s a YouTube walkthrough video).

While pointing the book out to Sean a gentlemen came over and asked “you know Omm Sety?” I told him I had the book and loved her story. He then pointed up to a large image of her on the wall. “I was her neighbour and friend… and I buried her.” I grabbed his arm as ‘spirit or God tears’ were falling down from my eyes. I apologized and said “I don’t know why I’m crying”. He placed his arm on top of mine and said “because you are connected.”

When Bentreshyt became pregnant, she told the High Priest who the father was. The High Priest informed her that the gravity of the offence against Isis was so terrible that death would be the most likely penalty at a trial. Unwilling to face the public scandal for Seti. She committed suicide rather than face trial.

Labib and Dorothy Eadie/Omm Sety.
Labib Habachi was a Coptic Egyptian egyptologist. Dr Habachi spent 30 years in the Antiquities Department of the Egyptian Government, ending his career as Chief inspector. Wikipedia

“Dorothy Louise Eady (16 January 1904 – 21 April 1981), also known as Omm Sety or Om Seti (Arabic: أم سيتي), was a British antiques caretaker and folklorist. She was keeper of the Abydos Temple of Seti I and draughtswoman for the Department of Egyptian Antiquities. She is known for her belief that in a previous life she had been a priestess in ancient Egypt, as well as her considerable historical research at Abydos. Her life and work has been the subject of many articles, television documentaries, and biographies.” – Wikipedia

“For decades, Eady was an inspiration to many researchers. Her stories about life and death in the times of Seti I touched many hearts as well. Many discoveries were made based on her words. Following her information, researchers led by Otto Schaden discovered tomb KV63 in the Valley of the Kings, which is located near the tomb of Tutankhamun and contained burials of women from the times of the 18th dynasty.” – AncientOrigins.Net

I discovered later that our very intuitive Tour Guide, Sayed El Tayeb, had chosen that place especially because of the Omm Sety story. Having a good feel for his tourists and their needs he thought our group would find it interesting.

These kinds of events have been increasing in my life for the last year. However, Egypt intensified everything.

The synchronicities, magic and heightened experiences on this particular tour of Egypt are too many to mention. This was just a small one but dear to my heart… I have yet to discover why.

Sayed El Tayeb Tour Guide: Luxor Aswan Hurghada Egypt

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