Drama Trauma and Karma – A Spiritual Memoir

We are Living In a Traumatized World. Alannah Ryane’s open-hearted Life Journey, offers valuable steps in providing clarity and understanding in some of the inherent Causes and Resolutions needed for Humanity’s Role as World Savior to be realized while on our imminent path toward
Liberation and Freedom from Suffering.”

In Gratitude, Troi Leonard

Church of Truth
Community of Conscious Living

Victoria, BC Canada

Disclaimer: If you are not open to the ‘concept’ of Reincarnation then please DO NOT BUY OR READ THIS BOOK. Not everyone wants to know how they co-created the drama trauma and repeated karmic patterns playing out in this lifetime.

In 1980 I stumbled into a process that inspired me into healing the Traumas and Karmic Patterns that were showing up in my everyday Dramas. Recording the process in a Spiritual Memoir produced a lot of Somatic Release revealing shadows and explanations 50 years after I thought I cleared them!

It started out as a Journal then morphed into a Manual. In the Spring of 2020 it became a book. 50 years of metaphysical studies then split into 3 phases. This is the 1st 20 years of my Spiritual Journey in this lifetime.

There are many alternative therapies that help us heal the assorted traumas that are playing out in our current lives. Most likely they were created during previous lifetimes with scenarios repeating over and over until we discover the cause.

The greatest gifts this process gave me were:

Join me on this Multidimensional ride through the Canadian Music, Film and Television Industry that is the Backdrop setting the Stage for my Past Life Dramas to Unfold. My wish is that my Drama Trauma and Karma inspires a desire to dig deeper into your own life’s dramas clearing the way for wonderful things.

Can we really Help our World AND Heal Ourselves by Writing a Personal Spiritual Memoir? YES WE CAN! One thing is for certain, we are all embarking on a Hero’s Journey and it’s time to discover Who We Really Are and OWN Our Multidimensional Selves!

With Much Love and Appreciation for your decision to be here at this time!

Alannah Ryane

2 thoughts on “Drama Trauma and Karma – A Spiritual Memoir”
  1. Hi Alannah, Laurie from the YouTube comments about Cloverdale Mall etc. There is a good Facebook site called Burnhamthorpe Collegiate Institute Alumni, if you like to reminisce. I’m on it.

    1. Hi Laurie! Thanks for commenting and sharing you are my first commenter! I have so much work to do on this site and blog but will get back at it after I come back from Egypt. I shut down my facebook account and all my pages about 6 years ago. However I remember a page where I commented on something and some BCI friends jumped in. One was Ray Colossimo who was in our townhouse bsmt on East Mall when we all used a Ouija board after Jim Morrison or Hendrix died. Wild.

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